Conversations On Diversity® workshops are customized and designed to inform members of diverse interest groups: Workshops last 1½ to 2 to 4 hours and can typically include up to 30 to 40 participants. However, group size and duration are flexible and may be tailored, as needed.

Custom-designed workshops and packages are available to accommodate the goals of different stakeholder groups. Discussion areas are tailored to meet individual client objectives.


Corporate Diversity Workshops

Key Corporate Decision Makers…become more informed and smarter when designing a new diversity program or gauging the success of and perhaps altering an existing one, before contracting with an expensive diversity management consulting firm.

Diversity 101: feature the fundamentals required to design, implement, manage, and sustain a successful Employee Diversity Program:

  • Diversity versus Affirmative Action:  How are they different and what are the implications of each?

  • Diversity defined:  What is it really?

  • The payoff:  Who are the stakeholders and how do they benefit?

  • A business case for diversity:  What is a viable diversity-based business model and how does it work?

  • A practical guide to diversity success in the workplace: What are the modules required for an effective and sustainable diversity program?

  • An holistic approach to successful diversity management: How do all of the program elements interrelate?

Human Resources Workshops

Human Resources Professionals…are guided by our user-friendly diversity model to steer the design, implementation and management of a successful diversity program and become key players in the strategic management of their company, laying the groundwork for long-term success in the field.

HR workshops include:

  • Introductory Diversity Workshops: for the successful design, implementation and management of an effective and sustainable Employee Diversity Program

  • Employee Optimization Seminars: to increase employee engagement, productivity, and loyalty

  • Employee Assessment Programs: to identify and address underlying employee problems and opportunities

  • Internal Messaging Programs: to promote employee awareness of and support for corporate diversity initiatives

Workplace Readiness Workshops

Job Seekers, Career Counselors, and Executive Recruiters…gain a competitive advantage when heightened diversity awareness is used to inform and guide significant workplace considerations; the end benefits are a smarter and more proactive job search process, more informed employment choices, and more strategic workplace decisions; gain a basic understanding of the 21st-century communications skills needed to compete effectively in the global business arena and increasingly diverse work environment.

Workshops provide diversity-relevant guidelines for enhanced workplace readiness; a more effective job search process, more impressive job interviews, and greater insight into the opportunities afforded by a given job offer, namely, professional development, job satisfaction, and long-term career success.  Cultivate the process and make diversity work for you:

  • Do the homework: expand and enhance the upfront preparation.

  • Interview the organization: know what questions to ask.

  • Market yourself more effectively: learn how to tell an impressive personal and professional story.

  • Be more proactive and engaging: create a more favorable and lasting impression.

  • Better gauge the pros and cons of a job opportunity: know what questions to ask and how to assess the potential for long-term tangible and intangible benefits.

  • Become a key player in planning, strengthening and managing your career: learn how to map out a clear road to workplace success.

Cultivating Individual Talents Workshops

Educators, Student Advisors, and Jr. High, High School and College Students…lay the groundwork for a competitive advantage in the academic arena and in the workplace.

The end benefits of our diversity-based Individual Talents Program are heightened self awareness, self worth, and self confidence.

The young leaders of tomorrow are guided through a process that encourages the recognition, appreciation and cultivation of their individual strengths and talents.  They learn to use their personal insights to promote and market themselves effectively in the educational arena and the work environment.

This program starts with four basic workshops, each designed to tap into the individual’s Personal Diversity Quotient; personal strengths, work style, career path, and accomplishments, and how to capitalize on personal insight discoveries.

Additional sessions are customized, featuring the benefits tied to understanding the interpersonal aspects and dynamics of diversity including:

  • Diverse thinking

  • Conflict resolution

  • Leadership styles

  • Dealing with change

  • Decision making

  • Cultural adaptability

  • Communication skills

  • Problem solving

  • Consensus building

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