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Conversations On Diversity® Diversity isn’t just some abstract concept.  It increasingly underscores how people of different cultures and backgrounds will interact in the 21st century.  It defines a worldwide social phenomenon that is growing in importance and is here to stay.  Those who understand the implications and the advantages of diversity are reaping enormous benefits and will continue to do so.   Whether you are a student, a parent, or anyone involved in an organization or corporate entity, knowing how to leverage diversity's dynamics will increase your competence, make you more confident, and enhance your overall success.


A well-conceived and properly-managed Employee Diversity Program provides numerous bottom-line benefits, including:

  • Greater employee satisfaction

  • Enhanced employee performance and productivity

  • Faster and more creative problem-solving

  • Higher employee retention and loyalty

  • Contained employee replacement costs

  • Reduced risk of discrimination lawsuits

  • Better ROI

An effective Employee Diversity Program also increases the visibility and strategic value of HR Professionals.

Our Diversity 101 program and basic Diversity Model guide the development of new Employee Diversity Programs and upgrades to existing ones. Employee-relations services include:

  • Introductory Diversity Workshops

  • Employee Optimization Seminars

  • Employee Assessment Programs

  • Internal Messaging Campaigns

“Organizations should consider Dr. Alexander’s Conversations On Diversity Workshops to educate HR professionals and to facilitate the design and management of a successful diversity program.

Whether an organization plans to initiate a diversity program or improve an existing one, everyone—the leadership, upper and middle management and line personnel—stands to benefit.”

John Stern

Executive VP of Human Resources for American-based Business Units, Sony Electronics (retired)

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Career counselors, executive recruiters & job seekers, enhance your value and gain a competitive edge by taking advantage of our Diversity Workshops and Seminars.  Learn what it takes to become more informed about the job search process, excel in job interviews, and make better employment decisions.  Follow our road to success:

  • Factor diversity into the job search process.

  • Ask more insightful interview questions, using diversity as the framework.

  • Use diversity insights to gauge what a prospective employer has to offer beyond salary, a corner office and other tangible benefits.

  • Leverage diversity insights for more informed and smarter employment decisions.

  • Use diversity knowledge to inform and guide strategic workplace decisions.

Workplace Readiness includes a fundamental understanding of the changing work environment and the 21st-century communication skills needed to compete effectively.

“Your presentation on Cultural Diversity was well received. The information you shared is so critical to finding employment and surviving in the workplace. (They) definitely benefited and really learned how they could carve their way to a successful career.”

Karen W. Rutherford
Director, Career Services, Benedict College


“I wish I’d had this seminar last week. I would have wowed them during my interview with questions on diversity.”

Graduating Senior, University of South Carolina, Moore School of Business

Read about all of our Diversity Workshops and Seminars and more about workshops for Career Counselors, Executive Recruiters & Job Seekers.

Our Diversity Seminars and Workshops guide high school and college students toward greater success in their educational and business pursuits. Better prepare the young leaders of tomorrow for what lies ahead. Give them the tools to:

  • Recognize and cultivate their individual strengths and talents.

  • Build self-confidence and develop a stronger sense of self.

  • Gauge more successfully their potential for personal and professional success.

  • Understand the role diversity plays in critical thinking, conflict resolution, leadership, decision-making, and other dimensions pivotal to establishing a
    competitive edge.

  • Learn to market themselves more effectively.

“During my senior year, I joined Conversations On Diversity, hosted by Dr. Kathryn Alexander. We discovered our unique qualities and value, and learned how to market ourselves.

When we started, I was really shy and wouldn’t have been able to talk about myself or my skills the way I can now. Those sessions with Dr. Alexander really made a difference.”

Melissa Montano Ariza
A. Philip Randolph Campus High School at City College, NYC

Read about all of our Diversity Workshops and Seminars and more about workshops for Educators, Student Advisors & Students.

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